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Hope House is a non-profit organization
providing neighborhood support to families. 

In support of our country's rich legacy of immigration, and the shared values of neighbor helping neighbor, Hope House wholeheartedly welcomes New Mainers from 
all faiths and all countries of origin.

HomeFamily Support CenterHope for the NationsSchedulePresentationsMaterials
Contact InfoAboutHow To HelpL.A. CafeHope for the HolidaysBaby Olympics
Women's HealthAbortion Information

Meet the founders of Hope House on the "About" page.
Join the fun on Wednesday mornings!

​Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
"Let every one of us encourage our neighbor"
(Romans 15:2)
Jan Willson, Baby Pemba, and children of 
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston
More music on our "Hope for the Nations" page, "Presentations" page, and "Materials" page
CBCGB Team at Church of All Nations in Lewiston.  You heard them at our Head Light trip, too!
Thought you'd be encouraged by this article. We attended the memorial service it highlights, and it was packed with a wide array of community members...we saw some of our Christian friends, Jewish friends, and Muslim friends. A Muslim drummer, who Rabbi Dresdner introduced as "my dear friend", played drums with their worship band that accompanied the sung prayers and worship that wove throughout the service.

 As Lisa, the rabbi's wife, looked out on the growing crowd pouring in for the service, we heard her comment to someone in front of us that she was not expecting such an outpouring of love, and it overwhelmed her to tears. We heard that the nation saw similar wide response in other towns across the country at this last Friday's Shabbat services, just a week after the killings at the Shabbat service in Pennsylvania. God's love is stronger than hate! -Bruce & Jan, Hope House
LA community honors victims of temple shooting
Linking Neighbors Links Nations

Local Volunteers team-up with friends from Boston for fun 2019 center activities.  Thanks to all who helped!!
(see more pics)

Iftar Potluck
Saturday, May 25, 8:15pm
Our Iftar Potluck was a great success.  Besides our neighbors we had 12 guests from Greater Boston Refugee Ministry join us.

Other Iftars: White House Iftar on NBC
Memphis church welcomes Islamic Center
Essential Worker Awards
Congrats to all the 1st generation Americans who won elections to hold offices throughout Maine, including Lewiston's own Safia Khalid! (video)
  "People Matter Most" tells the story, in        song and pictures, of how the                      coronavirus  pandemic affected Hope        House in Lewiston, Maine.  A diverse         neighborhood rallies to share food and        other essentials, to get each other              through.
 Bruce's Mom, Lillian Willson, on her 92nd birthday   (May 25th) was honored with a drive-by parade from   her church family in L.A.  Lillian is beloved as a   Sunday School teacher to little ones, for decades.   She also helps us at Hope House whenever she visits.
​See some staff at a 6-12-20 Lewiston protest, holding sign "Building a Community of Unity" on the 2 mile march through L/A.  Best seen at start and about 14 min. into it the Lewiston Sun Journal coverage.
Awards are being given out to all Hope House Staff who have assisted the center during this 2020 global pandemic, by selflessly enabling needed services to continue.
 Good things are   happening in Lewiston,   see 2 recent articles in the   Lewiston Sun Journal.
 Hope House
This is Not Goodbye
 A song to comfort the many who've lost loved ones.  Dedicated to 2 faithful supporters of Hope House: Jan's mom, Eileen, and Chaoluan, wife of Pastor Pan. And thanks to Zac & Noah Willson for guitar work (Zac) & drums ( Noah). Song by Jan Willson, recording by Bruce.
"That's What Neighbors Do" is a sequel video to "People Matter Most".  It shows that being neighborly isn't just a "nice" idea.  It's what helps diverse families survive the hardships of 2020.  New friendships thrive, and helping each other becomes much more obvious.  All on College St. in Lewiston, Maine can see that's what neighbors do.
Check out these videos!

: May 25, 26, 27, 28
  Our free clinic will  
  be open by appointment 
 (call 577-1165) to see
  Dr. Colette Charles, 
  a family medicine physician,   and Pam Rousseau, our 
  2021 Free Outdoor Market Starts Up in April!
Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday 10am-noon
 Get your COVID vaccination,   Bruce & Jan have!  If you need   help, call Maine's Community   Vaccine Hotline, 888-445-4111
 or go to COVID-19 Vaccination   in Maine
 If you need a ride, call
 with ONE MORE market
 Wednesday, June 23rd, 10am-noon
 (rain date: Thursday, June 24th)

 Keep checking our website for upcoming   summer markets to be announced