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A taste of presentations offered...
Something Good in the Neighborhood
Learn from Hope House how to reach out effectively to the marginalized in your community. Discover how to connect with the needs in your neighborhood, and offer practical solutions.

How to Share the Oil and Wine
Learn how to use "Oil and Wine for the Wounded", a widely-used tool developed by Bruce & Jan out of their ministry with hurting mothers.  Discover how to spot wounded people and how to help them find healing.

Travel Tips for Going Through "Samaria"
Every town has "that neighborhood". Jesus' approach was always the same... stop awhile and make friends!
(Hope House training seminar in Seoul, Korea)
HomeFamily Support CenterHope for the NationsSchedulePresentationsMaterials
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For booking information, contact us at:
Hope House
Bruce & Jan Willson
163 Elm St.
Mechanic Falls, ME 04256


Bruce and Jan are available to teach workshops, speak, and assist groups interested in outreach. They are skilled communicators weaving informal sharing, compelling music, and thought-provoking video about loving God and their neighbors. Bruce is an ordained minister and radio host, Jan is a songwriter/recording artist and midwife, and both are authors. With four children, eight grandchildren, and a home that has always welcomed others into their family, their lives embody the joy and adventure of compassionate living. Bruce's easy-going teaching style combines with Jan's original songs, for presentations that challenge and equip others for similar adventures!

Courageous friend, Fadumo,
Left her homeland years ago,
Fled the fighting, ran to safety,
Sought a chance to raise a family.

Courageous friend, Fadumo,
Misses Somalia and mangos,
And her mom and sisters, they were close
She fears for them, but can't go home.

She builds a life here while she waits,
With Jama she works hard each day.
They've come so far, paid such a price
For little Yasir and Yusef to have a life.

And we are more alike than different,
We each have dreams for our children,
I've laughed, I've cried with Fadumo,
She taught me the world is full of friends
I want to know,
Like Fadumo,
Courageous friend, Fadumo.

© 2010 Jan Willson
The following are some of the songs and pics used in Hope House multi-media live presentations.
Where Peacemakers Tread

I don't want the path of least resistance,
I have tried the road most traveled on.
I won't march to the drum of prejudice driving them,,
I'm breaking from the crowd, the wars they're headed down.
If narrow is the way, love would find it...
That trail peacemakers climb..
Jesus the Christ said a shepherd would hike it
For a lamb he had to find; he'd leave the ninety nine,
That was his life...
Making friends in graveyards with crazy men...
More at home in stables than in inns,
Searching out lepers and Samaritans...
Nighttime journeys to corners only love is led...
Where peacemakers tread.

To people on the margins, he'd draw near...
To two or three seeking, he'd appear.
To all the uninvited, he called "Come on"
To anyone who'd come, he was their champion...
 Standing with that woman when stones were raised...
Scooping up children pushed away...
Seen with all the wrong people, in every place,
Know I'd see him on paths only love would take.

I don't want the path of least resistance,
I won't take the road that keeps me blind.
Don't want easy or wide, I want the path of Christ...
The road that makes friends on the margins, where he'd go...
I'm ashamed it took me so long though,
To start making friends in corners only love is led...
Where peacemakers tread. 

​(c) Jan Willson, 2013

Through Samaria

So Jesus says, "Let's go through Samaria"...
Doesn't he know that plot of ground we go around?!
Now as we go through there, people stare at us,
We feel so out of place, they live a different way,
This road was a mistake going through Samaria.

Then Jesus says he'll wait while we go into town...
Hey, this was his idea, now he sits it out!
When we get back where we left him, by that famous well,
Why's he talking to her?! Those crowds' gonna hurt us for sure!
What trouble has he stirred…all through Samaria?!

Something changed, something happened,
We found out Jesus wasn't mad at them!
Something changed, I guess we did...
It's humbled us to be so royally treated,

'Cause now there's people smiling, asking us to stay...
So many invitations to have lunch today!
When Jesus says, "Let's stay a few days", we're amazed,
We all used to avoid this place we now enjoy!
It's an easy choice...from now on, we go through Samaria!

There'll be a time James and John want to call down fire from heaven on them!
We were blind, but Jesus keeps teaching us about the "good Samaritan",
About how we should care...as friends.

Jesus just keeps turning our world upside down,
Now he's healing all the lepers, when we would have gone around.
It figures, one of them is a Samaritan, too!
Jesus sees his gratitude, then commends his faith, too,
I guess our Master's way...is always through Samaria!

(c) 2010 Jan Willson