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Hope House is a non-profit organization
providing neighborhood support to families. 

In support of our country's rich legacy of immigration, and the shared values of neighbor helping neighbor, Hope House wholeheartedly welcomes New Mainers from 
all faiths and all countries of origin.

HomeFamily Support CenterHope for the NationsSchedulePresentationsMaterials
Contact InfoAboutHow To HelpL.A. CafeHope for the HolidaysBaby Olympics
Women's HealthHope House Highlights of 2022L/A Area Food Pantries

Meet the founders of Hope House on the "About" page.
​Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
"Let every one of us encourage our neighbor"
(Romans 15:2)
Jan Willson, Baby Pemba, and children of 
Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston
More music on our "Hope for the Nations" page, "Presentations" page, and "Materials" page
CBCGB Team at Church of All Nations in Lewiston.  You heard them at our Head Light trip, too!
Linking Neighbors Links Nations

Local Volunteers team-up with friends from Boston.   

Iftar Potluck

 Our Iftar Potluck was a great success.  Besides our neighbors we had 
12 guests from Greater Boston Refugee Ministry join us.

Other Iftars: White House Iftar on NBC
Memphis church welcomes Islamic Center
​  See some staff at a 6-12-20 Lewiston          protest, holding sign "Building a                    Community of Unity" on the 2 mile march    through L/A.  Best seen at start and            about  14 min. into it the Lewiston Sun        Journal coverage.
  Good things are       happening in           Lewiston, see 2       recent articles in       the Lewiston Sun    Journal.
  Hope House

 "That's What Neighbors Do" is a sequel video to   "People Matter Most".  It shows that being   neighborly isn't just a "nice" idea.  It's what helps   diverse families survive the hardships of 2020.     New friendships thrive, and helping each other   becomes much more obvious.  All on College St. in   Lewiston, Maine can see that's what neighbors do.
Sharing Hope 
at Hope House
See the 
Hope House Highlights 
of 2021
at our Family Support Center, 91 College St., Lewiston, Maine
 Hope House recommends our friend   Paikar's delicious authentic Afghan   meals -to-go.  Try some today!
 Check out the tasty menu!

    Hope House has been honored to host teams coming to      help us love our Lewiston neighbors. Teams of students        from Boston, from Northeastern University as well as            Wellesley College, gave time during their 2023 spring          breaks to volunteer at our Family Support Center.  We          love the videos below made by one of the team's                  members, Swapna Palavesa Kannan.  It well                        reflects the fun, energy, and compassion that teams              bring to our struggling neighborhood.   

Hope House was honored to welcome Maine's Speaker of the House Rachel Talbot Ross, Senator Peggy Rotundo, & State Representative Margaret Craven to a recent Market Day (video to the right).  They intently listened to our neighborhood share on housing challenges and their compassion encouraged the 70 families.
You Have Found the One
A song celebration of  the 
6-25-23 wedding of 
Sarah Willson & Daniel Dix 
​ Here's a link to an inspiring story of one of our center's families.  Pray for God to continue working miracles on behalf of our brave new neighbors.

Fall Markets 2023 

Fridays by appointment
call/text 207-577-1165