We Made it Through 2022,
And Got to See Good Friends Like You!
Seen below are local volunteers who gathered to run the Free Outdoor Markets in spring/summer 2022, including new volunteers.  And special thanks to the team from VOYA!
June 29th was a field trip to Range Pond State Park, enabled by Hudson Bus Lines and a team from Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston.  A relaxing day of building friendships!
Safia (below) is a medical student assisting in our Free Women's Health Clinic this year, and loves serving her community.  Thank you, Safia, and special thanks to our sonographer, Pam!
Summer brought visitors!..Yibin & Albert (above, to help CBCGB team), Pastor Yuegang, & wife Meiqin, daughter Sarah, and son Joshua, seen having dinner at Bruce & Jan's, with son Noah along with his wife Bora, daughter Jubilee, and son Jinha. Pastor Yuegang and family so encourage us in our work.  Noah and Bora direct YWAM's ministry to international students in Seoul, South Korea, and were visiting in Maine this summer.  Jubilee helped out her Grandpa B. & Grandma J. by running the free thrift store and market that Hope House operates in Lewiston. Bruce & Jan's niece Kim, & her sons Daniel and Andrew from Calif., also came to Maine to visit Bruce's mom, their grandma.  Shared meals, singing with Bora, and fellowship times at the Mechanic Falls home and around the firepit rekindled our passion for God to bless many others through the love He has poured out.  
​See Hope House's "long tables" below, at 2 backyard halal BBQ's in August, to welcome New Mainer's from Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia.  Our friends brought their cultures' delicious favorites to accompany our's...what a feast!  One attendee said it resembled the " Feast of the Most Merciful", traditional public meals served along roadsides etc., often during Ramadan. What a gracious tradition in Islam!   May we all show forth the love and mercy of the One Who is the Most Merciful.  He has been so merciful to us.
Anne Goorhuis, our ESL teacher, is seen below, with some of her students, new residents from Angola.  Her students also include some mothers from Afghanistan who live in the neighborhood as well.  One now graciously hosts the class in her home. (Thank you, Paikar!)
Fall Markets seen below bring coats, toys, and "Hope for the Holidays"...a fun way to end 2022! We thank you all for a great year, and we especially say "Thank you" to the Lord for His amazing kindness.
AWESOME JOB as usual, Tim, Yalin, & team from Boston!!  Thank you so much, we love you all!