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Among it's many care services and annual outreach events, Hope House sponsors Baby Olympics to spotlight the joy of healthy, growing children as the hope of our world's future. Children of sometimes diverse and struggling people groups come together to enthusiastically compete in 10 events. Parents and other spectators are delighted by the tiny athletes' passion and spirit, and are filled with hope anew.

Baby Olympics
Let the Games Begin!

3-6 months
  •  Baby Smile
        (First baby to smile for their mom wins.)
  • Batter Up
       (Baby bats a toy held in front of them)

6-12 months
  •  Baby Derby
        (Mom pulls a toy, baby crawls after it.)
  • Love to Laugh Contest
       (Mom tries to make baby laugh.)

1 and 2 years
  • Push Toy Marathon
       (Child pushes the toy to the finish line.)
  • Toddler hot Put
       (Child throws a ball as far as they can.)

3 years
  • Children's Chariot Race
       (Child scoots their riding toy to the finish line.)
  • 25 Foot Dash
       (Child runs to mom at the finish line.)

4 and 5 years
  • Obstacle Course
       (Child must maneuver through a course to the finish line.)
  • Championship Kickball
       (Child kicks a ball towards a goal.)

Some agencies and churches appreciate a short presentation to their members. Hope House has a 5 minute video/DVD of a Baby Olympics, as well as a 20 minute DVD, "The Story of Hope House", which also tells how the work was founded. Hope House can provide speakers to briefly present how your agency can participate, and how the Baby Bottle Campaign works.

Kennedy Park in Lewiston, Maine
coverage in the Lewiston Sun Journal